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We’ve developed the easiest way to store Bytecoins by your own hand.

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About B-wallet

B-wallet is a mobile wallet made for anyone who is willing to send, receive, and store their Bytecoins using a mobile device.
We’ve included all of the necessary features to let you enjoy your time spent using B-wallet.


We’ve taken care of your security, that’s why we’ve paid enough attention to protect our project.


Send and receive your Bytecoins in just a few taps.

Intuitive UI

Smooth and easy-to-use UI for every single mobile device.


We know how important it is to use a product that your eyes will fall in love with.
Take a look at our awesome UX and UI to find out that you’re going to use the best mobile wallets the world has ever seen.


Is this an official Bytecoin Wallet?

B-wallet is a project built together with the Bytecoin community and The Bytecoin team. The code was attentively reviewed and tested to make B-wallet secure and reliable.

Why do I have to keep my coins on a mobile wallet?

One has to use B-wallet wallet to either pay a freelancer for their job or to deposit your coins on an exchange platform during market fluctuations. In any case, B-wallet is the easiest way to store your coins other than cold wallets.

Is there a way to contribute to this project?

Of course, we’re glad to welcome more brilliant minds to the development process. Contact us at dev@b-wallet.org

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